Geothermal accessories

Accessories for contractors in the near-surface geothermal energy

A one-stop ser­vice. Profit from our high-quality accessories for your project.

Fischer GeoBox
Slip lid box
Fischer GeoTextile Hose

Fischer GeoBox

Made of polystyrene, 390 x 285 mm, 10 compartments, stackable

Optionally with cover

Slip lid box for retention samples

1.000 ml, including lid

Simple and clean stowage and storage of retention samples of grouting suspension (backfilling injection) for subsequent quality control or verification

Fischer GeoTextile Hose

PA 400-10

The high-strength textile anchor and geothermal hose made of flame-resistant polyester is used in special underground engineering and near-surface geothermal energy

Packaging: Tubes of 50m and 100m in plastic foil, 4 pieces per box, special lengths on request

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