Mixer and injection plant MAT IEC-40

Homogenuous, colloidally mixing and injecting of grouting material

Especially for the grouting of borehole heat exchangers, a colloidal, homogenuous suspension of water and grouting material is essentially for quality and safety. The mixer and injection plant MAT IEC-40 have been specifically developed for producing a homogenuous, colloidally dispersed mixture from liquid and powdery raw materials. Therefore it is suitable for the grouting of borehole heat exchangers

The mixing procedure of the MAT IEC-40 consists of two different process zones- premixing zone and dispersing zone. The highest possible homogeneity of the mixtures is achieved, by the ongoing exchange of substances between the two zones. The mixing tools rotating at high circumferential velocity in the dispersing zone, also produce very strong shear and cavitation forces, causing an optimum colloidal dispersion of the suspension.

  • Absolutely minimal sedimentation of the mixture

  • No post swelling of the suspension 

  • Constant rheology of the product 

  • Lowest possible use of raw materials

  • Usable for low to high viscose substances

  • High mixing capacity due to short mixing time 

  • Recommended for the use of Fischer GeoSolid® products


Required delivery rate60 dm³/min *
Required delivery pressure180 bar *
Suspension delivery rate max.40 dm³/min
Suspension delivery pressure max.30 bar
Suspension mixer effective volume150 dm³
Buffer tank effective volume150 dm³
Processable grain size max2 mm
Suspension density max2,0 kg/dm³
Transport length 1.700 mm
Operating length 2.300 mm
Width800 mm 
Height1.380 mm
Weight500 kg

* additional values upon request 

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