Single family home Altdorf

90518 Altdorf

Drills: 4
Depth: 280
Year: 2013

Borehole grouting with the quality material Fischer GeoSolid® 240HS

The geothermal system was installed in a new built family home. The installation is used for heating and cooling. For the optimum connection of the geothermal probe to the underground it was grouted with Fischer GeoSolid® 240HS. The drilling and grouting procedure was completed without any difficulties. 

Geology, stratigraphy, characteristics

In the upper layers there are sands (silt/ Schluff), followed by typical regional liastone, loose and solid sandstones. The separating layer to the second groundwater level consisting of “Feuerletten” was found at 63m. To protect the groundwater the drilling depth was limited to 70m.

Drilling method, piping, drilling equipment

The borehole was drilled with the cable tool percussion drilling with a 152mm drilling tool and 178mm casing (8m). 

Details of the grouting process

Fischer GeoSolid® 240HS was chosen for the backfilling of the geothermal probes. The suspension was mixed with a colloidal mixer (MAT) and grouted with the contractor method. The suspension density was tested before and after grouting. 

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