Emons transport& logistics

Emons Spedition & Logistik
Bremer Straße 100
90451 Nürnberg

Drills: 20
Depth: 1400

Borehole grouting with the quality material Fischer GeoSolid® 235

For the new administrative building of the international transport& logistic company in Nuremberg, there are borehole heat exchangers in use for heating and preparation of hot water.

Geology, stratigraphy, characteristics

According to the geological map 1:50000 Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen (1977), there are below 6m of heavy pleistocene sands and gravel, down to 30,1m formations of “Blasensandstein kmBl” (typical regional sandstone), also down to 67,2m “Lehrberg” formations (typical regional claystone) in sandy facies, at the location. Followed by “Schilfssandstein” (typical regional sandstone) down to 67,2m and “Estherian” (typical regional claystone) formations down to 85,9m.

Drilling method, piping, drilling equipment

For this project the horizontal directional drilling was chosen.

Details of the grouting process

It was grouted with the contractor method through an injection pipe. As expected there was no additional grouting necessary. The borehole was stable quickly after the grouting.



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