DB Schenker Logistics centre

DB Schenker Logistikzentrum
Bremerhavener Straße 25
90451 Nürnberg

Drills: 54
Depth: 4374
Year: Dezember 2012/ Januar 2013

Borehole grouting with the quality material Fischer GeoSolid® 240HS

Schenker Deutschland AG is strongly commited to renewable and sustainable energies at their new logistics centres. 

At the projects (for example in Berlin-Großbeeren), which were realised the last few years, heat borehole exchangers were used for heating, cooling and the preparation of hot water. 

Additional projects are planned.

Geology, stratigraphy, characteristics

At the location, there are stratigraphic series of the middle Keuper (“Mittleren Keuper”) in form of sandstones of the “Blasenstein” formation and claystones and sandstones of the “Lehrberg” formation. With the last meters of drilling, there were black-grey claystones of the “Estherien” formation found.

Drilling method, piping, drilling equipment

Horizontal directional drilling (water) with a drag bit, 9m casing, afterwards with drag bit and 5m drill stem.

Details of the grouting process


With the exploratory drilling it was a big joint found at a depth of 25m. Due to the cavities there were about 3500 litres of the suspension needed instead of the calculated 1800litres. With the change of drilling method from the cable tool percussion drilling (air) to the jetted drilling (water) it was possible to drill in the problematic zones and grout with less quantity. 

Fischer GeoSolid 240HS with its high thermal conductivity was used. It was grouted with the contractor method and the material was mixed with a colloidal mixer.



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