Optimised grouting material for geothermal probes

Quality products with high thermal conductivity

The grouting or the backfilling of geothermal probes is an important and necessary step for the secure installation and the efficient operation of geothermal systems. Besides the professional grouting, the characteristics of the material are an essential part of the process. 

Fischer Spezialbaustoffe GmbH offers the geothermal industry with the Fischer GeoSolid products a thermally enhanced and high quality grouting material, which fulfills today´s requirements in regards to safety, processability and durability.

Fischer GeoSolid® 240-HS

For sulphate bearing waters / especially for geothermal probes
Thermal conductivity > 2,40 / frost-thaw-stability according to DIN 12390/9

Fischer GeoSolid 240HS was especially designed for the grouting of geothermal probes in areas with sulphate bearing ground water and incorporates all favourable characteristics in one product. The thermal conductivity of more than 2,40 W/mK ensures an optimum connection of the probe to the ground. The great physical properties and the high mechanical resistance, guarantee a long durability and a high resistance to environmental influences.

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Fischer GeoCompact

Especially for borehole heat exchangers
Thermal conductivity ≥ 1,40 / also for sulphate bearing ground waters

Fischer GeoCompact was especially designed for the grouting of borehole heat exchangers. The material is also suitable for areas with sulphate bearing ground waters. All further sealing and backfilling work for well construction and civil enigeering can be done safely.

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Fischer GeoSecure

Control measurement to annular space tilling
Very high thermal conductivity ≥ 2,40 W/mK / Seawater & dissolved CO2 resistance

Thermally enhanced grouting material for borehole heat exchangers, more security through measurability in the annular space, in areas with sulphate bearing ground waters.

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Fischer GeoSolid® 235

Very efficient grouting material with effective thermal conductivity for geothermal probes, wells and civil engineering

Fischer GeoFlow was developed especially for the grouting of geothermal probes, but also sealing and filling work in well and civil engineering. The producthas a particularly high yield and reduces borehole resistance. The material is also suit able for sites with sulphate-aggressive groundwaters.



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