About our company

Fischer Spezialbaustoffe GmbH

Fischer Spezialbaustoffe GmbH in Heilsbronn/ Bavaria is specialised in producing grouting materials for borehole heat exchangers. Since January 2007 we develop, produce and sell grouting materials and supplies for the geothermal industry. Our guiding principle is to fulfill the requirements of the market and to provide high quality products to our customers. First class and friendly service, in connection with expertise and prices, which allow you to operate effectively in the market, are most important to us. 

Our company is actively involved at association levels of the geothermal industry and offers our years of experience for example to define the quality standards of geothermal drillings in Germany and France.


  • Specialized manufacturer
    Own production and product development

  • Market and customer oriented 
    Ongoing improvement of the products/ of the product portfolio

  • Many years of experience
    Since 2007 actively in the market and in the geothermal industry 

  • Actively in the geothermal industry
    Involved at association levels nationally

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